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Befriending Your Body

A Somatic Self Care Video Guide

An online self-paced course with

16 guided somatic practices designed to

help you develop a safe & trusting relationship with your body.

Student testimonials
On Befriending Your Body: A Somatic Self Care Video Guide:
“Everything is thoughtfully explained so you not only know HOW to do a somatic healing practice, but also WHY it can be supportive, which really helps my mind try new things. In the guide, you will learn to find gentle compassion for the most protected, armored parts of yourself, and gradually shift away from the ways they keep you stuck. All of this happens at the slow, gradual pace of the body, outside the rush and force of the modern world & trauma brain.”
Emmy, April 2024

Alexa Young, CA

downloadable workbooks

Workbook Reviews

About Putting The Pieces Together Workbook:
"Really helpful when working through things and coping with cPTSD."

Kelly on Apr 16, 2023

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1: Digestible

Recovery Education at a Sustainable Pace

Learning about complex trauma recovery can be very overwhelming and challenging. Our brains and bodies often need time and practice to understand, implement, and integrate what we are learning. Survivor Wise resources are created to break down recovery concepts and tools into bite-size practices.

2: Relatable

It Helps To Know We Aren't Alone

Trauma often leaves us feeling like we are the only ones who feel a certain way or struggle with a certain thing, which is incredibly isolating and hopeless. When we know that others have similar struggles and feelings, we often find hope in the ways we relate. Survivor Wise resources are shared through the lens of my lived experience - my own personal story and speak to the ways we all make sense and can relate to each other.

3: Compassionate

How We Relate to Ourselves Matters

One of the relationships most impacted by trauma is our relationship with ourselves. Many of us struggle with a deep sense of shame and a harsh and unrelenting inner critic. Developing compassion for ourselves and our story is one of the deepest ways to heal and recover. Survivor Wise resources are created to nurture self-compassion and bring understanding to trauma and its impacts on our daily lives.

As a complex trauma survivor myself, I've wanted resources that were written for me - that spoke to the complicated lived experience of what it is like healing from complex trauma. Yet often the books that offer important healing tools and strategies are written from a clinical and professional lens, rather than a personal and compassionate one.

I created the Survivor Wise Resources with this need in mind - eWorkbooks and courses that bring compassion to the real-life, daily experience of complex trauma healing alongside digestible information and practical recovery tools and strategies.


Sara is a complex trauma survivor, educator, and advocate. Through her Instagram platform @survivorwise, she shares resources and tools for trauma recovery in the context of her own healing story. Using her background in biology, education, writing, and trauma training, she breaks down complex trauma recovery into accessible and relatable packets of information offered in her Survivor Wise workbooks and courses. She has over five years of experience working and volunteering in the nonprofit sector with organizations dedicated to the prevention and healing of sexual abuse and other trauma. She is Level 1 NARM Informed Professional and has training in Internal Family Systems and Somatic Attachment. She brings her professional and lived experience into her Survivor Wise resources, where she empowers survivors to become the experts on their healing process. Her personal research and lived experience give Sara a compassionate perspective on the psychological and neurobiological impact of trauma, which makes her a valuable advocate for complex trauma recovery and survivors.

Sara lives in Utah with her husband and three kids. She enjoys puzzles, traveling with her family to national parks, podcasts, and Dr. Pepper. 

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