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Throughout life, complex trauma survivors often experience feelings of powerlessness, shame, and stuckness. While many of us have deep desires to heal and recover, we may struggle to take steps towards our hopes and goals, which can feel very confusing and shaming. This desire to change yet struggling to do so often leaves many of us feeling inherently broken.


What I have discovered through my own recovery is this cycle of stuck is rooted in the effects of complex trauma. As I began to understand these impacts and how they contributed to the helplessness and shame that I felt, my life started to make sense. This understanding also pointed me towards recovery tools and modalities that addressed the underlying issues and helped me move forward towards the life I wanted.


Breaking Free from the Cycle of Stuck breaks down how complex trauma creates this cycle within us and offers strategies for breaking free. I share my personal experiences with this cycle and the process of moving beyond it.


Breaking Free From the Cycle of Stuck includes:

  • A 124 page workbook written from the perspective of a survivor that breaks down how complex trauma creates feelings of powerlessness, shame, and stuckness
  • Includes a download of the complete workbook and a print release for personal use
  • Offers trauma-informed modalities and tools, including a parts work and somatic perspective, to overcome chronic obstacles to moving forward in recovery


View a sample of Breaking Free From The Cycle Of Stuck


Each e-workbook includes a PDF file + print release for personal use, if you'd like to make a physical copy.

Breaking Free From The Cycle Of Stuck eWorkbook: For Complex Trauma Recovery


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