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Befriending Your Body

A Somatic Self-Care Video Guide
An online self-paced course with 16 guided somatic practices designed to help you develop a safe & trusting relationship with your body.
Has trauma left you feeling body armored and chronically tense?

Do you feel uncomfortable in your own skin?

Does caring for your body feel terrifying or overwhelming?

Do you want to feel safe in your body but don't know how?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're not alone. I've been there too, and I created this resource for you.
Trauma often leaves us feeling alienated and disconnected from our bodies. It is common to feel body betrayal and a loss of control and choice. Living at odds with our body is very painful, yet it can feeling incredibly challenging to approach our bodies in a healing way.

We need guidance and models to help us learn how to work with our bodies in a safe and gentle way. Befriending Your Body is a model and guide to help invite your body into the healing process through parts work, somatic support, and self-compassion.

A trauma-driven relationship with the body often feels:

  • Full of shame, disgust, and self-hatred
  • Out of control and powerless
  • Body armored and chronically tense
  • Run by a harsh and relentless inner critic
  • Like living outside of your body
  • Unsupported and under-resourced
  • Hopeless and overwhelming
  • What would you add?
You are not alone.
I've been there myself, and I know how excruciating it is.

There is nothing wrong with you.
Trauma deeply alters the ways we feel inside our bodies.
I'm here to tell you that there is hope.

Student Experience

"Befriending Your Body felt supportive and nurturing from the moment you get started on the curriculum. Sara takes you through the material at a gradual, trauma-informed pace to help you feel as safe as possible when exploring the variety of somatic healing practices she shares.

Everything is thoughtfully explained so you not only know HOW to do a somatic healing practice, but also WHY it can be supportive, which really helps my mind try new things. In the guide, you will learn to find gentle compassion for the most protected, armored parts of yourself, and gradually shift away from the ways they keep you stuck. All of this happens at the slow, gradual pace of the body, outside the rush and force of the modern world & trauma brain.

Sara's teaching style and presence is very warm and comforting which is HUGE when you're traumatized and nervous about reaching out for help. As a trauma survivor and trauma-informed practitioner myself, I was blown away at what Sara has created here. This will be a brilliant resource for me in times of stress, triggers, and grief. I highly recommend this guide to anyone who is processing trauma or other painful events your body is holding onto."
Emmy, April 2024

If this sounds both exciting AND terrifying,
that makes sense!

Of course, there would be parts of us that want to heal and feel safe in our bodies, and there would also be parts of us that are worried, concerned, terrified, or resistant.
We address in this common inner conflict in the guide!

When does it start?

The course is self-paced and is available to you upon enrollment through the Teachable platform (web or app). You will have lifetime access to the course and any future updates or additions.

How much does it cost?

The course is $450, and there are three payment plans:

  • Pay In Full - 450

  • 3 Month Plan - $150/month

  • 6 Month Plan - $75/month

What is covered in the guide:


  • This section will introduce the healing pillars of somatic practice. You will receive guidance for navigating Befriending the Body, including a slow and gentle approach.


  • This section will introduce the body story, the ways in which our bodies are like living journals, holding our emotional and somatic memories. You will also learn how the body is a resource for healing and can guide us as we learn to listen to the story.

Each of the following sections will include three different somatic practices to support an embodied exploration and development of these skills. Each section is designed to support and expand into the next section, the skills slowly building on themselves.


  • This section will introduce the importance of choice in somatic practice and how we begin developing a collaborative relationship with our protective system. You will learn ways to work with your inner defenses.


  • This section will introduce creating safety for your protective system through curiosity and compassion. You will be guided in ways to support your inner defenses, while inviting them to gradually soften.


  • This section will introduce different forms of awareness and how we learn to be in conversation with our bodies. You will learn how to practice non-judgmental awareness to get to know what your body is experiencing rather than judge what it is experiencing.


  • This section will introduce expansion and contraction and how we ride the waves of our varied emotional and somatic experience. You will learn the value of titration and how to use inner resources to move into feeling gradually.


  • This section will introduce how we support our emotional and somatic experience through attunement. You will practice holding space for your inner experience using a compassionate container.


  • This section will introduce receiving warmth and joy. You will reflect on your developing healing relationship with your body and consider how you move forward.

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Resources included:
  • 16 guided somatic practices ~ 8 hours of video

  • 6 downloadable PDF reference resources/templates

  • Educational materials covering the key components of somatic healing

  • Lifetime access to the guide including future updates

16 Guided Somatic Practices:
  • Patterns of Disconnection and Protection

  • Compassionate Body Holds

  • Stretching For Body Armoring

  • Leaning Back to Lean In

  • Intentional Body Shaking

  • Grounding Floor Rolls

  • Softening Our Vision

  • Developing Interoception

  • Developing Dual Awareness

  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation

  • Folding In & Unfurling

  • Body Boundary

  • Exaggerated Sigh

  • Rhythmic Drumming

  • Legs Up the Wall

  • Receiving Warmth

Ready to get started?

Payment Options
Please note all sales are final and refunds will not be given due to the digital nature of the course.
Pay In Full:
3 Month Plan:
6 Month Plan:
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