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Digital file includes 60 PNG images and 1 PDF of Emotions Life Raft cards along with a copyright and permission to print for personal use only. You will receive these items in a zip file.


Survivors of complex trauma often struggle with emotional and nervous system dysregulation, meaning their emotions live in the extreme as flooding and overwhelm or dissociation and numbness.


Emotional dysregulation is often driven by trauma triggers and their associated nervous system responses. Survivors often have not learned the skills or received the support to step out of emotional dysregulation.


The Emotional Life Raft Support Deck is a digital download compassionate and informative cards that cover a variety of topics including:


* A Breakdown of Emotional Regulation Skills: including ways to use Parts Work and Somatic Practices to Support Emotional Processing

* Steps to Navigate Trauma Triggers: including ways to widen the Window of Tolerance, use body-based tools for grounding, and more

* Developing Emotional Literacy: including learning how to understand the messages inside our emotions


Each of these categories includes simple descriptions of resources and skills to begin healing emotional dysregulation as a survivor of complex trauma.

Emotions Life Raft Support Deck Digital Download


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