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One of the greatest and most painful side effects of trauma and toxic shame is the belief that our bodies are to blame for our suffering, when the truth is our bodies did exactly what was needed to survive. They did their best carrying the pain until we came to a place where it could be processed. As our pain arises, we may see this as our bodies betraying us, but I'd like to invite you to see this as your body's invitation to unburden itself of accumulated loss and unprocessed trauma. Our bodies want to heal.


Befriending the Body Digital Guide: A Survivor's Guide to Growing Emotional Language Skills So We Can Understand and Support Ourselves includes:
* A 36 page mini-eworkbook written from the perspective of a survivor which breaks down the healing principles of somatic work and strategies to invite the body into the recovery process.
* 20 somatic practices with descriptions for how to get started and why they are helpful, as well as options for flexibility.
* A download of the complete workbook which can be printed for personal use.

Befriending the Body: A Somatic Self Care Guide for Trauma Healing


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