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For When You Need Encouragement

Here are a few gentle affirmations and messages for when you need encouragement:

  • I know you have been working so hard. I see you. Let's celebrate all the progress you've already made.

  • I know how invisible healing work can feel. I get that. It is so important, and the work you are doing matters. Keep going!

  • It's okay to have days when you are just tired of the healing process, that doesn't mean you're giving up. It's okay to take a breath, to take a break, to complain, to allow yourself to rest.

  • Healing is hard work. There is no perfect way to do it. It is slow and incremental. Consider the small ways you've made progress. They are there. Name three of them.

  • Sometimes it helps me to remember there is no finish line. My intent is to build a healing relationship with myself. You are worthy of kindness, gentleness, softness, and care.

  • We all have days where it feels like a setback, like we're going backwards, like we aren't making progress fast enough. You are growing. It is hard to see sometimes. Healing is happening.

"You Got This" written in chalk on black asphalt.

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2 comentarios

Thank you for these. Remember they apply to you too 🙂🙂

Me gusta
Sara Aird
Sara Aird
06 jul
Contestando a

Honestly, sometimes I think I consider what I most want to hear and that’s what I write. 💛💛💛

Me gusta
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