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For When You're Feeling Overwhelmed...

Updated: Jul 2

Here is a list of affirmations and gentle messages for days when you are feeling overwhelmed:

  • I hear how overwhelmed you are. There's nothing wrong with you. We live in an overwhelming world. We all get overwhelmed at times.

  • I know how easy it is to feel ashamed of being overwhelmed, yet being overwhelmed happens to all of us. You're not alone in feeling this way.

  • Sometimes we wish we had unlimited capacity, that we didn't get overwhelmed by life, by commitments, by demands, by so many things. I get that.

  • Feeling overwhelmed isn't a measure of your worthiness. It's a message that there is A LOT going on right now, and it is getting difficult to juggle it all.

  • It's okay to ask for help when you're feeling overwhelmed. You don't have to do all on your own.

  • You're allowed to give yourself a break, a breath, a moment to slow down. You don't have to have it all figured out right now.

  • What affirmations would you add? Please share your affirmations in the comments!

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I have a question, what jobs do u recommend to trauma survivors? Since this and dissociation is a part of our lives (and much more things we struggle with). Do u have any tips?

Ps. Love ur blog and i see forward to every notification! ❤️

Replying to

Thank u, this was very helpful to me! ❤️


Reading these felt like a warm hug 🧡💜

Sara Aird
Sara Aird
Jun 14
Replying to

I’m so glad 💛 Honestly, writing it felt like a warm hug too.

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