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complex ptsd Recovery essentials

"Complex PTSD recovery is just as it is described - complex. Survivors are often in need of a variety of healing modalities and approaches to address the many ways that trauma has impacted their lives.


When you begin complex PTSD recovery, it can be difficult to know where to start. Most of us in the early stages of healing are still trying to understand what complex PTSD is, let alone how to manage it. It can be frustrating trying to find trauma-informed resources that effectively explain and help us navigate complex trauma."

Sara - Mentor of the Complex PTSD Recovery Essentials Mentorship

This recovery mentorship will focus on the basics of complex PTSD recovery, including understanding how trauma impacts the nervous system, dissociation, and shame, as well as recovery tools such as shame resilience, boundary setting, and more. The goal of this program is to give you a solid foundation from which to continue your recovery journey.

What is covered in the recovery essentials program?

The Recovery Essentials program is grounded in two important trauma-informed recovery concepts: curiosity and compassion. Through curiosity, we come to healing with an open mind and a desire to understand ourselves and our behaviors through a trauma lens. We begin to see that our responses make sense given what we have experienced. As we begin to better understand ourselves and our responses, we start to develop compassion for ourselves and our stories. Through compassion, we cultivate hope in our capacity to grow and heal beyond our trauma.

This program is divided into two main sections:
Getting Curious - Understanding Complex PTSD
Getting Compassionate - Creating a Recovery Recipe

Getting curious

Understanding Complex PTSD

Introduction to Recovery Essentials

Week 1: Getting Oriented

Getting Curious - Understanding Complex PTSD

Understanding Trauma and Your Nervous System

Week 2: Unmet Developmental and Neurological Needs

     The Creation of the Inner War

Week 3: Mapping Out Your Nervous System

     Smoke Alarm and Watch Tower

     Polyvagal Theory and Fight, Flight, and Freeze

Understanding Dissociation - The First Protector

Week 4: In the mind: Fragmentation, Compartmentalization, and Identity Loss

Week 5: In the body: Depersonalization, Derealization, and Time Loss

Understanding Shame - The Second Protector

Week 6: Getting to Know the Inner Critic


Week 7: Cultivating Rest Practices

Getting compassionate

Creating a Recovery Recipe

Getting Compassionate - Creating a Recovery Recipe

Shame Resilience

Week 8: Standing up to the Inner Critic and Setting Internal Boundaries

Emotional and Nervous System Regulation

Week 9: Unpacking Your Relationship with Emotion

     Decoding the Messages of Emotions

     Body Awareness, Interoception, and Cues

Week 10: Navigating Trauma Triggers

     Safety Plans

     Body-Based Regulators

Identifying Needs and Boundaries

Week 11: Unpacking Your Relationship with Receiving

     Exploring Overworking, Human Giver Syndrome, and Resentment

     Identifying Needs Via Emotional Awareness

     Self Care Routines

Week 12: Unpacking Your Relationship with Boundaries

     Boundaries as Defining Who We Are

     Boundaries with Self: Self Trust

     Boundaries with Others: Hoops of Trust

Asking For Help

Week 13: Asking For Help

     Unpacking Why It Is Hard to Ask for Help

     Relational Healing: Trust, Boundaries, and Limits

Week 14: What are my next steps?

What type of support do I receive through Mentorship?

  • 14 Weeks of online learning modules on complex trauma recovery topics

  • A program workbook designed for self-discovery and reflection

  • Weekly exercises to help you build a recovery toolbox

  • Weekly one hour Zoom mentoring calls with Sara

  • Weekly meeting reflection notes and healing tools to consider

  • Support throughout the week via instant messaging

  • 3 support group Zoom calls with other mentees in the program

  • Access to previously completed mentorship learning modules

  • Priority access to Survivor Circle workshops held outside of mentorship

Financial Investment for Program:

14 Automatic and Scheduled Weekly Payments of $150

Apply for the survivor wise mentorship program

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