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trauma Recovery
for women

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“Being able to feel safe with other people is probably the single most important aspect of mental health; safe connections are fundamental to meaningful and satisfying lives.”

Bessel van der Kolk - The Body Keeps the Score

Navigating complex trauma recovery can be overwhelming and isolating.
Finding the resources that work for you and integrating those tools into your daily life is really challenging. We need relational support, understanding, and encouragement. Survivor Wise Mentorships offer education and resources within healing relationship and community.

WHat is a survivor wise mentorship?

Mentorship is a survivor-driven program that provides access to trauma-informed, science-backed recovery tools delivered through the lived experience and story of a person who has used them herself to heal - the mentor.

A mentorship is a healing relationship between two complex trauma survivors where trust and safety can be developed through sharing compassion, strength, wisdom, and hope together.

What Mentorship Offers:

  • Trauma education offered in an accessible and relatable way

  • Survivor insight around trauma recovery modalities

  • Holding space for self exploration and understanding

  • Building support and resources around the ways trauma affects the present

  • A compassionate lens around the impacts of trauma

  • Guided Parts Work

  • Connection to a survivor community

What Mentorship DOES NOT Offer:

  • Licensed clinical diagnosis, practice, or cure

  • Licensed therapy

  • An expectation or requirement to retrieve or revisit past traumas

WHat is a mentor?

A mentor is an experienced and empathetic guide. The mentor survivor is a survivor who has more experience on the path of recovery who can offer options and choices to other survivor's who are getting started and in need of support. A recovery mentor provides guidance, perspective, compassion, emotional support, and witnessing as one who has walked the path too. A recovery mentor empowers other survivors to own and direct their recovery journey.

Meet your mentor

Hi! I'm Sara, and I am a complex PTSD survivor and have been in recovering from complex trauma for over 15 years. Without an official diagnosis for complex PTSD in the DSM (the diagnostic tool for mental health professionals in the USA), I had to carve out my own recovery plan based on personal research and discovery. Utilizing my degree in biology, I have spent over a decade deepening my understanding of complex trauma, its effects on the brain and body, discovering effective treatments, and putting those tools and resources to work in my own recovery journey. 

I can honestly say that I am experiencing healing in ways that I never thought possible, and because of this I want to share my lived experience with other survivors to empower them to heal and find hope. 

Components of
survivor wise Mentorship

A 14-Week Programs for Women
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What mentees are saying about Recovery mentorship?


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each 14 week Survivor wise Mentorship Includes:
  • 14 Weeks of online learning modules on complex trauma recovery topics

  • A program workbook designed for self-discovery and reflection

  • Weekly exercises to help you build a recovery toolbox

  • Weekly one hour Zoom mentoring calls with Sara

  • Weekly meeting reflection notes and healing tools to consider

  • Support throughout the week via instant messaging

  • 3 support group Zoom calls with other mentees in the program

  • Access to previously completed mentorship learning modules

  • Priority access to Survivor Circle workshops held outside of mentorship

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stage 1 survivor wise Mentorship options

Complex PTSD Recovery Essentials

Are you new to complex PTSD recovery?

Are you having a difficult time finding trauma-informed resources for CPTSD recovery?

Are you in need of a foundation of safety and stability to begin your recovery journey?


Are you feeling overwhelmed and isolated as you begin healing?

The Recovery Essentials Mentorship could work for you.

Reconciling the Ruptured Self

Do you have a solid support network and are interested in learning how to navigate your internal landscape?

Have you been in recovery for a while but feel stuck in certain areas?

Are you experiencing levels of safety and regulation and want to find ways to connect to yourself more deeply and feel more whole?

The Reconciling the Ruptured Self Mentorship could work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long are the mentorship programs?

Each mentorship program lasts 14 weeks, with an option to continue working with Sara through the different stages of the mentorship.

How do I apply for the mentorship program?

To apply for mentorship, consider which Stage 1 program you are most interested in. Then, complete the mentorship application to schedule a discovery call.

What are Sara's training and credentials?

I am not a licensed therapist or counselor. My expertise is grounded in my sixteen years of lived experience navigating complex trauma recovery, therapy, and education. I have a bachelors degree in Biology and a secondary education teaching license, which has deeply influenced how I approach and research trauma recovery topics and spread education and awareness on those topics. As a complex trauma survivor, I had to learn to advocate for my own recovery and treatment in a mental health system that in many ways fails to acknowledge and address the layers of complex PTSD. Throughout my recovery journey, I have facilitated a variety of support groups, mentored women, and have been mentored myself. Several years ago, I returned to school to complete a Writing Certificate with the intent to use my voice and experience to help other survivors get access to the knowledge, tools, and options they needed to recover from complex trauma. Since then, I have participated in trainings to become "IFS-informed" to support my parts work mentorship and plan to continue growing my understanding of that modality, which was deeply healing for me.

What is the financial cost of mentorship?

At Stage 1, each 14 week mentorship program is $150 a week for 14 weeks. If you continue into other stages of mentorship, the weekly price gradually decreases.