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community learning

We keep community learning experiences safe for all who participate by following our group safety guidelines.
Please read the Group Safety Guidelines as you prepare to participate in our community learning experiences.
Survivor Circle
Online Group workshops on recovery topics
Survivor Circle is a small group learning and sharing experience on a healing tool or topic.

It is an opportunity to:

  • Deepen your understanding of complex trauma

  • Learn a recovery skill for your healing toolbox

  • Connect to a group of complex PTSD survivors

  • Work with Sara, a survivor with 16 years of recovery experience

Survivor CIrcle current topic
Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
Free self paced learning

As survivors of sexual trauma, we can feel isolated, ashamed, and silenced by our stories. We struggle to make sense of what we have suffered. Writing our stories offers a powerful space to reclaim our voice and discover our hero’s journey. Join us as we explore the elements of storytelling and their healing benefits within a community of safety and support.

"Changing our language, shifting our story even slightly, alters how we know ourselves. We are elastic beings ever becoming new. When we name what we have experienced - especially when we were told that no one would listen to or believe us, or when we were not taught the words we'd need in order to tell - we take power back from those who meant to silence us, and we reclaim control over the narrative of our lives. When we question, reword, or invert the stories we learned to tell about ourselves, we are changed -

we begin to be restoryed."


Jen Cross, Author of Writing Ourselves Whole

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